Cakes and PASTRIES

Cakes and Pastries of Pableo’s place are made fresh products just from the oven. Here, at Pableo’s place we customize cakes and pastries for your special events and parties. We are committed to provide a quality variety of cakes. We also offer dessert buffet packages for any occasion. Their prices vary in sizes, either per layer or per slice. Our products are , cookie monster-375.00 per layer and 32.00 per slice. Red velvet that cost 460.00 and 45.00 per slice. We also have a Strawberry at 350.00 and 30 per slice. Caramel mocha that also cost 350.00 and 30 per slice. Ube are also available at 350.00 only. Black forest that cost 375 pesos and 32 per slice. Or maybe you like to try our Truffle cake that cost 500 .00 and 55 per slice. Try our Drip cake which cost 500 pesos only too. Mango cake are also at hand in very affordable price. It is only 450 pesos per layer. You can also try our Carrot cake at 385.00 per layer and 32.00 per slice. And Yema cake which cost 400.00 and 36.00 per slice too. We also have a Brazo De Mercedes which cost 300 .00 per layer and 23.

Our cakes are also available in Abby’s by Pinky Coffee and Sweets. Located in front of Spanish Heritage, Sta. Catalina Street, Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental Philippines. For more details, please visit our contact us page.