Catering and Event Venue-Pableo's place

Catering and Event Venue

Catering and event venue-Pableo’s place are services provided just for you. We cater all special occasions such as birthday’s, seminars, and weeding celebrations. Catering and event venue-Pableo’s place also available in family gatherings, offices. Farewell parties, and family reunions as well. We assure you to provide a tasty, and delicious foods. Which fits to your budget and style. And we gonna help you on how to plan your events in very affordable price. Likewise, we handles all aspects of an event. Such as graduation, reception, or corporate business dinner.

On the other hand, we will give you some ideas in planing a large event but not so costly. For example, you are hosting and event during the day, we serve brunch and breakfast items. Those meals generally aren’t meat heavy. And can include delicious produce like fresh grapes, apples, and banana.

If your planning to ramp into the church with red carpet. And besides are full decoration of white flowers. We assure you to provide quality foods and good catering services. Or maybe your having a family reunion, especially now that Christmas day is coming.Please Don’t hesitate to email us at , Or you reach us through our Facebook page.