combo meals

Combo Meals

Combo Meals-Pableo’s place are fresh and deliciously grilled just for you. They are available and very affordable too. Combo Meals-Pableo’s place products are served that fits for your budget. To those who would love to eat barbecues. Come to Pableo’s place fast food and restaurant and try our products. And now try our Special Tocino with rice, atsara and drinks for only 89 .00. Our tocino are sweet cured meat commonly served in breakfast. We also have Pork Barbecue with rice, atsara,and drinks at 89 pesos only. You can also try our Chicken Barbecue with rice, atsara, and drinks at 89 pesos per serve. In fact, Chicken barbecue are has been favorite to all Filipino. It is the main item in everyday meals, in every Fiesta, special events, outing or Birthday celebration.

On the other hand, Pork Barbecue or Pork Inasal is also a Filipino street food. Best when grilled on charcoal and then dipped in spicy sauce. Pork barbecue is also considered a Filipino party food regularly seen on birthday parties or any occasion too.

To those who would like to taste our combo meals, please call us at 0916-355-6505. And for reservation, you can also reach us through this email address. Or visit our Facebook page.