Lemonades and Sparkles

Lemonades and Sparkles-Pableo’s place are made of fresh and delicious fruits. Lemonades and Sparkles-Pableo’s place have many choices. These products are available just by the counter and so affordable as well. Our Apple that serve at 45.00, Green Apple at 45 pesos too. Or maybe you would like to try our Passion Fruit at 45 pesos per glass. We also have a Strawberry at 45.00 too. Aside from that, we also have a Blue Raspberry that cost 45 pesos only.

In addition, we have a Blue Samuri that cost 40 pesos. And we also have a Raspberry Tea that was so refreshing. And it is at hand cost 45 pesos too.

On the other hand, did you know why it is called lemonade? According to research,It’s carbonated, meaning it is carbonated sweet lemon flavored soft drink. Lemonade is called “lemonade” and not “lemon juice” like “orange juice”; because it is a mixture of lemon juice, sugar and water, which is why it’s called “lemonade.”

If you would like to try our products to refresh our day. Please feel free to call us at 09163556505. Or you may visit our Facebook page for your inquiries and reservations. You can reach us through this email: teng.properties@gmail.com.