Main Cuisines

Main Cuisines-Pableo’s place are served in very affordable prices. These are available in many choices. Main Cuisines-Pableo’s place are freshly prepared and cook just for your taste. Our products are: Pochero at 139.00 only. Linat-ang Baka at 60.00, Tinulang Manok (native) at 60.00 too. We also have Chicken Inato with unli rice at 99.00 only. Pork Tocino Combo at 89.00 per serve. Or maybe you would love to eat our Lechon with Unli Rice at 89.00 only. Likewise, we also have Humba at 60 pesos. And Porkleg Humba at 80 pesos only. You can also try our Pork Steak at 55 pesos only. Beef Steak at 60.00 per serve too. Balbacua is also available at 90 pesos only. For instance, to those who would love to eat Kalderetang Kanding and Paklay are also at hand in very affordable price. You can have it at 60 pesos per serve. We also have Lechon Paksiw at 45 .00, and Carajay at 400 pesos per kilo. And last but not the least, Pork Ham and Pork Tocino are also at hand that serves 55.00 only.

Our products are available in Pableo’s place fast food and restaurant. You can also visit our contact us page for inquiries. Or you may reach us through our Facebook page.